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Why Ponds Aren’t As Bad As You Think


Pond Equipment and Pumps – Important to a Cleaner Pond

If you have a pond in your garden, it is understandable that it will require caring and maintenance for your inhabitants. Both filtration and regular spot cleans are standard requirements for your pond but don’t forget that it also requires at least once every spring of a pond clean out.

By simply doing a full clean out of your pond, the environment it has will reset. You need to repair the fixtures, attend to the plants, and remove the muck buildup so that the pond’s inhabitants will remain happy and healthy.

Although a full clean out may seem to take more of your time and effort, it is still a task that you need to do that is not that overwhelming. If you will go through this article, pond clean out is actually a straight-forward process.

The first step is for you to prepare your holding tank properly. Holding tanks are actually the ones that your fishes hang out while you are doing your clean out. Don’t forget that the size of your tanks will also depend on how big your fishes are. After that, your tank must be placed in a shaded area near the pond because it will be easier for you to pump water from your pond and into your holding tank. The tank doesn’t have to be filled completely for as long as the fishes are already comfortable with the water level.

Next is to use a pump sock that is actually your best option in preventing your pond pump from sucking any large debris that will be the cause of blocking and damages. This will also help you in keeping your fish safe from being accidentally sucked up. Large fishes often avoid going nearer to a pump but if in case there will be curious fishes, a pump sock is your best option.

If you plan on your catching your fishes, the secret to this is to catch it once the water level goes down to one foot. The reason for this is that your fish will have limited area to hide and it is easier for you to catch them. But of course, fish nets must be used gently.

It is also recommended to use a power washer instead of a hose to ensure that the cleaning is sufficient especially the removal of the muck.

Lastly, you need to check on your plants and lighting, too, thus, a totally drained pond is a must. By doing so, it will not be difficult for you to check for overgrown plants. By having a drained pond, spotting of more damages or other problems on your pond is easier.

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