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Why Aeration Systems Are Important for Residential Ponds


Many homes located on large properties include ponds that look like they were formed naturally. In fact, most are smart features designed to collect rainwater while adding beauty and interest. Many include fish and other water life. While ponds add charm and interest to properties, they will become stagnant without a system that aerates their water. Homeowners can solve the problem by introducing specially designed equipment that can work under the water or create elegant fountain effects.

What Aeration Equipment Does

Many homeowners only learn about the need for aeration when they notice fish coming to a pond’s surface to get oxygen. Ponds may also develop noxious odors. Fortunately, the Internet makes it easy to find solutions for these problems at sites like livingwateraeration.com. If clients understand the problem and just want to choose from a range of equipment, they can shop online. If basic pond education is required, you can find that here, too. Site information includes a wide range of solutions designed for pond aeration systems, water gardens and fish ponds.

Aeration Units Keep Water Healthy

Equipment that aerates ponds allows water to absorb oxygen from the air and to release gases like hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. Although this gas exchange does occur naturally, it only affects the water’s surface. Man-made equipment is necessary to keep water completely healthy. Aeration systems ensure that there is enough oxygen to prevent anaerobic bacteria from breaking down organic matter and creating septic conditions. Water aeration suppliers offer equipment run by electric, solar power and wind. There are systems designed to accommodate ponds of every size.

Pond Fountains Aerate Water and Add Beauty

While many pond aerators work quietly, deep in ponds, homeowners can also choose fountain units that clean ponds and create stunning fountain effects. Equipment is designed to spray water into the air, producing an eye-catching fountain. As it sprays the water exchanges gases, which keeps it healthy. Fountains reduce algae, increase fish populations, minimize mosquito problems and remove foul odors. As a bonus, homeowners can choose decorative fountains that include lights.

Residential ponds require aeration equipment to prevent water from becoming stagnant and foul smelling. Many homeowners install underwater aeration equipment that introduces necessary oxygen and releases gases. Others opt for pond fountains that perform the same function but also serve as beautiful water features.