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Things Athletes Should Know About Keeping Hydrated Water in Necessary for good performance. As an athlete you need to now this. Many people see athletes regularly carrying water, and they wonder about the type of thirst they must have. You might be puzzled as to why hockey players take a lot of water despite playing on the ice. After all, it is freezing in the ice rink, how could they have lost water that quickly. If you have asked yourself these questions before, you need to know the following facts. Water is the Most Important Nutrient for the Body Not many people pass this test. When asked which nutrient they think is the most important, people come up with several brilliant ideas. The answers are close, but most of the time quite off. Examples of responses people have include Magnesium, Zinc, and Iron. While all these elements are great for the body, the nutritional benefit of water is way more than can be expressed. Athletic Performance Hinges on Hydration Water is the largest component in blood. Blood cells require water for proper metabolism to take place. Water is necessary for the transportation of the right nutrients to various body parts. Macronutrients required by the body for energy such as protein, fats, and carbohydrates all rely on water for movement. athletes need sufficient energy from these macronutrients as they play and practice. Even the loss of 3% body weight through sweat can interfere with performance.
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It Helps to get rid of Toxins The body can create balance. For the body to create a homeostatic atmosphere, it uses water which is essential for good health. When an athlete takes enough water, they can compensate for the lost body fluid through sweat. Nevertheless, they are also able to get rid of toxins in the body.
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It is Tougher to Play or Exercise Trying to play or exercise without taking water can be tough. Your workout routine becomes harder if you have not drunk any water. When you are dehydrated, you tend to feel a bit more sluggish. As a matter of fact, research states that if your body weight drops, you may feel the need to put more effort during workouts. You can get exhausted to the point of harming yourself, and sometimes you can even pass out. Passing out on the treadmill or the bench as you carry weight is something you ought to avoid. You should consider ASEA if you are an athlete. With the help of ASEA the redox signaling process at the cellular levels can be increased. Putting the right amounts of ASEA in water enables you to stay vitalized and hydrated. What makes it even more significant is that it is great for immunity, and it is safe.