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How To Know You’ve Hired The Right Plumber

Our plumbing can be hard to crack when it starts to give us problems. We don’t know who to turn to at first and have to ask around. When we do find someone for the job, it’s important to ask yourself if you’ve hired the right person. All plumbing contractors are different and who knows what their qualifications can be up against the next person. It’s up to us to find out and determine if you’ve made the right hire. Here are some tips that you might want to consider.


You will know from the initial phone call that you’ve hired the right plumber once you speak either to them or their staff. The call is welcoming and they are willing to listen to your concerns. Plumbing is complicated for most homeowners and you want a contractor who takes the time to explain the process. Plumbers can show their professionalism by being attentive to customer needs and repairs. They appear at your door ready to work and show you their license before you have to ask. They will ask the right questions and even give you preventative tips you can use after they leave.


Most of the paperwork given to you from a plumber will consist of an estimate, their insurance papers and their license. You should have a copy of all of these for your bookkeeping and to determine who is qualified for the job. Even though there are some plumbers who reveal their license number on their website, you should still verify it and get a physical copy in your hand. Insurance is another document you need to see so you can determine they have general liability or workers compensation in place before they start. This is crucial to have so you’re not paying on any injuries they bring to themselves, you or their subcontractors. You also want to receive a correct estimate.


Most plumbers work on an hourly basis, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work out a payment arrangement. Most plumbing issues can be big and this can hurt our wallet when we think we have the funds to get it fixed. Ask your plumber what they expect for payment so you are both on the same page and not fighting over payments when the job is done. Ask about all costs involved and how long it will take. When your plumber is flexible on your payment, then you know you’ve found someone great to work with. You could also pay for those things that need attention now and then set the rest to be repaired later. It comes down to what you both can agree on. You can find a plumber annapolis md.

These are some of the ways you know you’ve hired the right plumber. Make sure to check their professionalism through the first call when you speak to their staff and them. Be sure to receive all documents to make copies such as their license, insurance and the estimate. Never hesitate to be upfront and ask about costs.