Factor Causes and How to Fix a Cracked Concrete Floor


Concrete floors or floors made of cement can be damaged. Concrete floors are used in large story buildings. Concrete floors can be the basis of ceramics on the building upstairs. Before building a concrete floor should be well calculated how the condition of the building and the material used for the concrete floor. If you’re looking for the best concrete service, concrete countertop Houston is the right choice.

We need a little knowledge of how to repair the cracked concrete floor so that this work becomes easier and faster to complete, it has become commonplace that the weakness of concrete material is a crack caused by several things.

The Cause of Concrete Floor

This type of floor does have more power than other material floors. But that does not mean the concrete floor will not be damaged because there are always home improvement tips from experts. You should contact them if you want know more about the tips. There are just broken concrete floors. This damage was caused by many factors. Here are the factors that resulted in the broken concrete floor:

  1. Soil conditions

The condition of the land of a region strongly suggests wake conditions. There are some areas that are soil contours easily cracked. This resembling soil is capable of causing wall, a cracked floor of the building. This cannot be avoided, even if using a concrete floor though.

  1. The load is too heavy

In large buildings and high-rise loads that are inside and should be supported by the floor is very heavy. If the load is not proportional to the strength of the concrete floor it is capable of causing damage to the concrete floor.

  1. Quality of materials

The selection of materials for the floor is also key to the quality of the concrete floor. The more beautiful the quality of materials used will be more beautiful also the quality of the floor.

  1. Age floor

Just like humans, the more the smell of the soil the strength decreases. It also applies to the concrete floor. Concrete floors aged with the smell of soil will be reduced and capable of damage. Therefore, it should be checked patterned on the condition of the floor so as not to harm anyone in the building.

Improved Concrete Floor Repair Tips

How to repair damaged concrete floor can be done with various kinds, depending on how damaged the floor.

Patches the concrete floor. Patching is done if the damage and cracks on the concrete floor are not too wide and not too severe. We recommend this patch is done quickly so as not to widen the cracks on the floor.

If the concrete floor is badly damaged then you should add columns around to the cracks. This pole is able to function as a buffer and sweetening power on the floor.

Another way is to inject epoxy on a cracked concrete floor. Epoxy is a special material for patching the concrete that has the properties of binding and easy to dry.