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How to Determine If a Senior Loved One Needs Assisted Living

Deciding to move a beloved senior into assisted living can be a tough call. We don’t ever want to do that, if only we had a choice. But when they start to have trouble bathing, grocery shopping or doing other day-to-day activities, assisted living can be a great option. And if these things have entered your thoughts lately, then it actually may be time to move.

Below are some of the most outward signs that your aging loved one needs assisted living care:


Does your loved one isolated from the rest of the world? Seniors who spend a lot of time alone often slip into depression. They need opportunities to socialize and maintain good psychological well-being. Assisted living communities provide such opportunities. Most facilities line up social activities for the senior everyday, and everybody can make new friends every time. This makes a tremendous difference when it comes to improving their quality of life.

Safety Concerns

Did you notice bruises that your loved one is trying to hide? If their mobility is limited – for example, they have difficulty getting out of bed – this could be a big concern. Falls are the most common cause of accidents in seniors, and they may begin to worry about falling without no one to help them up. With your loved one in an assisted living facility, you can have peace of mind knowing that they will get the needed help, anytime.

Poor Home Maintenance

Do you think your loved one’s home’s has become less tidy or organized than usual? Maybe they never seem to change clothes anymore, or their fridge stinks because almost everything there is spoiled? Because of limited energy and mobility, seniors will usually begin to skip the most basic of chores, like vacuuming or laundry. This will no longer be an issue the moment you move them to an assisted living community. There are people who do all the housekeeping so your loved one can just focus on enjoying life and the company of new friends.

Transportation Difficulties

Is your loved one increasingly dependent on family members or friends to get them around? Even if they would rather stay independent and drive themselves, it’s still risky not just for them but also for other people. And if public transportation is too difficult for them, they may have no recourse but to stay home. Again, when they’re alone for too long, seniors can become depressed, but this will not be a problem in an assisted living facility. Transportation can be provided anytime it is needed.

It’s not hard to find a good assisted living facility for your loved one today. But do your homework and compare options before deciding on one.

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