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Decorating With Fountains


If a homeowner has a lot of potted plants and foliage on their patio and would like to enhance the potted items with a water feature, they can purchase fountains with led lights. The suggestions below will help someone beautify their property and provide ample space for a water feature to be enjoyed while spending time outdoors.

Place A Fountain In The Middle Of Potted Items

A patio should be swept off before deciding where to place a fountain. A large fountain can be installed on one side of a patio. A water feature needs to be attached to a water source, so an individual should keep this in mind when choosing where to place a fountain. If large potted plants and foliage are going to be displayed around a fountain, an individual may want to add lighting to a fountain. Submersible LED lights that are bright-colored will provide plenty of visibility so that a fountain can be enjoyed at night.

If a fountain isn’t going to be used during the winter, water should be emptied from a fountain before draping a waterproof cloth over a fountain. A cloth will prevent damage from occurring so that a water feature can be used during warmer months.

Purchase Tabletop Fountains

If plants and foliage are going to be displayed on a shelving unit, small tabletop fountains can be used to beautify items. A tabletop fountain is lightweight and can easily be moved. Each tabletop fountain should be placed on a sturdy, waterproof surface. If a picnic table is going to be used during an outdoor dinner party, one or more tabletop fountains can be used as part of a centerpiece. After placing fountains on a table, each fountain should be connected to a water source.

Small, potted plants can be arranged around fountains to draw attention to water features. Small fountains should be emptied, cleaned and dried if water features are going to be brought indoors. Fountains can be displayed inside of a home or they can be covered and stored in a closet so that they are not at risk of becoming damaged while they are not being used.