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Three Things to Think About When You’re Buying a Bathtub Whether you’re remodeling your home or you simply need to replace a tub due to damage or wear and tear, chances are that a new bathtub is one of your least anticipated expenses. Despite being such a critical part of our lives, we don’t tend to think about them very often. This can make it hard to know what to look for when you’re considering what kind of tub to buy. There is a fairly wide of materials in today’s bathtubs. Generally, the body is made of steel or cast iron, topped off by acrylic, porcelain, or even plastic. Beyond that, some buyers are opting for fully stainless steel tubs nowadays. Based on your particular desires, you can pick out the tub that suits you best. We’ve come up with three vital issues for you to think about. Your Budget
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Unsurprisingly, the different building materials come with varying costs, so one of your first jobs is to decide on your budget. When it comes to the body, iron is undoubtedly more expensive than steel. The outer exterior can be had cheaply if you’re fine with plastic. However, you’re not likely to impress the Joneses with plastic, if that’s important to you.
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How Durable? For the body, there aren’t many materials that are sturdier than iron. So choose that option if you want your tub to last for years without needing replacement or significant maintenance. If you opt for iron, however, be mindful that it can cost significantly more when you have it installed due to the extra weight. Furthermore, if you ever end up replacing your tub, you’ll have to face those problems all over again. On the other hand, steel bathtubs are fairly strong as well, so you can’t go far wrong with either of these. For the surface, plastic is the clear winner if fragility concerns you. Again, it isn’t the most premium building material out there, but you won’t have to worry about expensive porcelain tiles cracking or breaking. Aesthetics Don’t forget to spend some time thinking about the tub’s visual impact. Your tub is one of the largest and most conspicuous fixtures in your house. Here is where attractive porcelain tiles can really shine. Another interesting choice is the stainless steel bathtub. As we pointed out earlier, these are quite in fashion. They won’t appeal to every buyer due to their distinctiveness, but depending on your preferences, they could be a great choice. Remember some of these tips when you’re out there looking at tubs. A bit of time on spent on research before hand will certainly help.